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Want to work together?

Welcome to ! Thank you for your interest in sponsoring and/or advertising with me! Sponsoring through (And/or and will allow significant exposure to your company and will also allow me to expand and enhance my website/blogs as time goes on. I would be more than happy to advertise your product/company/service as long as it fits in with the theme of my website/blogs and I approve of the product/company/service. If you are interested in having your advertisement on my website and/or on my social media pages, please fill out the message below and I will be in contact with you very soon!


Some collaboration options are: and/or social media(s) reviewing an item and/or social media(s) hosting a giveaway

-Sponsored blog post

-Website sidebar advertisement

-Other Social Media campaigns

Or, another idea not listed here! 

**Please note** I reserve the right to reject any ad for any reason. All advertisements and companies must align with the values, content and be something my viewers and readers will enjoy. Unsolicited guests posts of any kind will not be accepted.

Thanks! Message sent.

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